Press clippings and TV interviews with Lene Marie Fossen.


NRK - 15.10.2016

Photography keeps me alive - TØNSBERG / KOLBU (NRK): Lene Marie Fossen (30) stopped eating when she was 10 year old because she did not want to grow up. Now she stages her self and creates stunning self-portraits in an attempt to get well.


TV2 - 25.10.2017

Lene Marie Fossen (30) stopped eating when she was ten years old. She hopes that photography can be the way out of her disease. Meet her with Espen Wallin in this clip from Norwegian TV2.

TV2 - 28.03.2017

Morten Krogvold about Lene Marie Fossen on TV2 before Nordic Light festival in Kristiansund: - She is extremely gifted, and is probably the biggest photography talent in Norway.

TV2 - 30.04.2017

'I want to express the pain I feel inside of me'.
Photographer Lene Marie Fossen is prepared for some strong reactions to her selfportraits as she gets ready for her debut exhibtion at Nordic Light Festival in Kristiansund, Norway.